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Sneakers trends 2022 2023

The best sneakers of 2022 – Fall Winter Edit

When we talk about sneakers we are talking about one of the essential items of everyone’s wardrobe. A white pair of sneakers is a must-have for the majority of people and all fashionistas. The low top white sneaker is a pass-par-tout item that can be dress-up or or down and it’s acceptable in most work environments, especially since luxury brands started making their own versions of this casual shoe.

The fall winter season marks the passage from light color and materials to bright strong warm colors and materials. Beside the traditional white and black for the sneakers we have new powerful and deep colors such as “aged brown leather” and “Avio blu”

The collab sneaker

The collaboration between brands is what allowed fashion companies to keep the attention high on products and brands during the last few years. The collab between Gucci and Adidas is just one of many but also one of the most significant for the sneakers shoes. Check out some styles on Lyst.com

The Gucci Adidas collaboration in the fall winter 22 ready to wear collection


New Balance 550

New balance 550

The New Balance 550 is now a sold out item. The price range from 500 to 1.000 Euros

You can find some of these sneakers in stock here https://dropoutmilano.com/products/new-balance-550-white-green?variant=39719149273167

Lyst.com hottest sneakers 2022

Balenciaga Sneakers 2022 Defender low top sneaker
Balenciaga Sneakers 2022 Defender low top sneaker

Defender low top sneakers

Balenciaga is the hottest brand according to Lyst Index of the first quarter 2022

You can find the sneakers on Farfetch, Bloomingdale and on Balenciaga official website.


New and noteworthy

Lanvin Sneakers Curb

The 90s-inspired sneaker by Lanvin will make you stand out.

The Curb is a sneaker with a confident design and exaggerated dimensions. Made in nappa calfskin.

The official price on Lanvin’s website is 690 Euros

The return of the High-Top sneakers

The high top sneakers were one of my favourite shoes when I was a boy in the 80′. But as we all know “Fashion is the eternal recurrence of the new” and here we go again, the high top sneakers at the top of the chart in 2022. From Gucci to the classic Converse All Star, there is a choice of high top sneakers for every wallet. This year we also have the special addition of the high top velcro sneaker that you can

Nike Dunk High
Nike Acg Mowabb
Converse All Star
High Top Velcro Sneakers Nike Air Jordan

The high top velcro sneakers are a classic from the 80′. This year, 2022, many luxury companies have included this style in their collection: Prada + Adidas, Maison Martin Margiela, Porsche Design and others. And we expect more to come.

Top of the sneakers chart

At the top of the sneakers ranking we find the absolute best brands in the world: Gucci, Dior and the like

I’ve got to say that when talking about sneakers, I still like a pair of good quality leather shoes. Some sneakers come in recycled or bio-organic sustainable material but when I buy a good pair of shoes then they last me for years so in a way that’s sustainable: buy less and keep it for longer.

After the white sneakers, the coloured low-top it’s perhaps second in order of importance to have in your wardrobe. The choices of brands here in my opinion vary from the affordable New Balance, to the luxury hogan and Tod’s sneakers, but there is also the option of the mid-priced vintage looking Diadora originals.

Low top sneakers adidas original gazelle
Low top sneakers adidas original gazelle
Top sneakers 2022 New Balance 312
Top sneakers 2022 New Balance 312

The other thing I pay attention to when I buy the sneakers is the type of sole. Personally I don’t like the high external border of the sole, like in the first two sneakers of this article because if your foot is not thin it ends up feeling a bit tight which makes the sneakers hard to wear for several ours. The converse all star are an example of these shoes that I cannot wear all day feeling comfortable. The other reason is that the high border plastic of the trainers lets the feet breath less than the low edge soles.

The new classics: Golden Goose, Veja

Golden Goose, confirms is position as one of the go-to brands for sneakers also in 2022 with their Sky Star sneakers
Gucci sneakers are the right choice if you want to stay in on safe side with a reputable brand and high quality manufacturing

Tell us what’s your coolest sneaker in the comments.

Marni flat retro sneakers

PEBBLE sneakers jacquard in pied-de-poule pumpkin and moka
PEBBLE sneakers jacquard in color block blu and ecrù.
PEBBLE sneakers jacquard navy.

Sneakers 2022 trend from Google

We carried out a comparison between sneakers

Top sneakers models 2022 comparison: New Balance 550, Adidas Yeezy, Nike Air Jordan, Converse All Star

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