Fashion Ecommerce Trends 2023

2023 年のファッション e コマースのトレンド

E-commerce trends 2023 Internationalisation and Glocalization Another important trend that fashion brands should keep in mind in 2023 is the internationalisation and localisation of e-commerce.  The international expansion of e-commerce for fashion brands is more and more important to ensure the continuous growth in terms of sales of digital channels.  The problems that happened with …

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Dresses Trends Spring Summer 2023


In this article we are going to take an overview of the top dress trends in spring/summer 2023. Which silhouettes, colors and fabrics are in fashion next season? Let’s take a look together. Corset Dresses: from Lingerie to Everyday Fashion It seems like the corsets are everywhere. It’s been a long-lasting trend of over 2 …

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ファッションとラグジュアリーのデジタル マーケティング

This is an introduction to digital marketing for fashion professionals and fashion companies who want to leverage the digital media to acquire traffic, promote their products and increase e-commerce sales. In order to do this you’ll need to have mission, vision and tone of voice of the brand already defined as you can see in …

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ファッション向け Google アナリティクス 4 のガイド

2 factors have influenced and pushed for GA4 for example the privacy policy. Also the tech players like Apple are progressively deprecating the third party cookies. Google Analytics help fashion business answer some fundamental questions in a very quick manner: Let’s imagine that you want to run a promotional campaign that entails a discount on …

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